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Our ultimate goal of inventing the computer is to augment our human selves. My research harnesses the power of interactive devices, sensing techniques, and digital fabrications to collectively extend the various capabilities of human beings.

There are several challenges towards this vision:

  • How can technology make us live more healthily and longer?
  • How can technology help us break the limit of various human capabilities?

In the mean time:

  • How can technology NOT alienate people with one another?
  • How can 'a wealth of information' NOT create 'a poverty of attention' [1]?

I believe these challenges are as important as difficult to tackle, the pursuit of which should never stop.


  1. Simon, H. A. (1971). Designing organizations for an information-rich world. Computers, communication, and the public interest, 37, 40-41.

Ubiquitous Fabrication

  • Mixed-initiative design and fabrication
  • Interactive design and fabrication environment
    • AR situates design and fabrication into real world usage context
  • Fab for disaster relief or underdeveloped regions.
    • Oxfam and Field Ready used 3D printing to help with Nepal's rebuilding [link]
    • 3D printed photography