My recent research takes a hybrid of technical and design approach to explore how an eco-system of interactive devices and their interfaces will evolve in future, and how we can leverage this evolution to create new experiences for the users.

I am a 3rd year PhD student in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute in Carnegie Mellon University, working with Scott Hudson and Jen Mankoff. I frequently collaborate with Chris Harrison's group, Tovi Grossman and George Fitzmaurice at Autodesk Research, and Ken Hinckley at Microsoft Research. I did my Master with Saul Greenberg at University of Calgary.

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Selected Projects

Duet (CHI 2014 Best paper) is a unified platform on a smart phone and a smart watch.

Air+Touch is a novel input vocabulary that interweaves in-air gestures and touch.

Body-Centric Interaction enables interaction with information on and around a user's body.